This experience has inspired me to go to school for film and audio production

Fourthwall showed me that my dreams were achievable.

I have a confidence in my ability to actually succeed at something and school this fall was much better because of it. I am now looking at colleges with film majors

I love the the idea of furthering their writing skills, collaboration skills, interpersonal skills, at the same time they have fun making a movie. This program builds creativity and innovation.

My son will never forget this experience. It provided a multi layer approach to expose him to the entire filmmaking process, improve and offer new skills, collaborate as part of a team, allow creative freedom and, importantly, help boost his confidence.

Flip The Script

We believe intelligence comes in many forms. Grades are not the only barometer of success. Fourthwall's cast of creative artists, expert dreamers, legendary storytellers and tech wizards will ensure you keep making it, until you make it.

Whether you come to ignite your creative genius to meet a few new friends, we will have an excellent journey together. Before you know it, you will be on our way to realizing a dream and developing the skills necessary to achieve it.

Fourthwall Spotlight

Xander Dean Wynn;
In My Own Words

Fourthwall Films


Congrats to all our filmmakers. Saturation, Into The Abyss, Away Yet Awake, Imperial Theater and Artsville Moving Forward have all been recognized by local and regional film festivals. And that's just in 2022!


Congratulations to all of our young filmmakers whose work was recognized on the film festival circuit.

Away Yet Awake
Audience Choice Award, 2021 OINK Film Festival
Official Selection, 2022 Athens Film + Video Festival
Honorable Mention, 2022 Atlanta High School Film Festival
Official Selection, 2022 All American High School Festival
Finalist, 2022 Raleigh Film & Art Festival
Audience Choice Award, 2022 Golden Lion Student Festival
Most Inspirational Film, 2022 Golden Lions Student Film Festival
Special Selection & Screening, 2022 OTR International Film Festival

Winner, Best Narrative, 2021 OINK Film Festival
Nominee Best Narrative, 2022 Atlanta High School Film Festival

Into The Abyss
Honorable Mention, 2022 Atlanta High School Film Festival

Imperial Theater-Mohawk Arts District
Semi Finalist, 2022 Atlanta High School Film Festival
Official Selection, 2021 OINK Film Festival

Artsville Moving Forward
Official Selection, 2021 OINK Film Festival


Away Yet Awake

An Immigrant Experience

What a year 2022 was for the Away Yet Awake team! Their exquisite production on the experience and perspective of young refugees in Cincinnati was well received on the festival circuit. New York, Atlanta, Raleigh and Athens were just a few of the cities where their film was screened. They even had a special co-screening at the OTR International Film Festival --voted one of the coolest film festivals on the planet -- and were recognized at a pre party hosted by the Ohio Humanities. Click for more on their awards and to see the film.


  • Audience Choice Award 2021 OINK Film Festival
  • Official Selection 2022 Athens Film + Video Festival
  • Honorable Mention 2022 Atlanta High School Film Festival
  • Official Selection, 2022 OTR International Film Festival
  • Best Spoken Word Performance 2022 1:11 High School Film Festival
  • Official Selection 2022 All American High School Film Festival
  • Audience Choice Award 2022 Golden Lion High School Film Festival
  • Most Inspirational Film 2022 Golden Lion High School Film Festival

Go to our Spotlight page for more on this project or click on the icon to see the film.

Shut Down The Stigma. Turn Up The Talk.

Film Series

Learning disabilities and mental health represent among the greatest challenges faced by our youth. Fourthwall is teaming up with some of the best advocates in Cincinnati to produce a youth focused, youth driven film series integrating narrative filmmaking, spoken word poetry and commissioned art, designed to generate conversations and change the narrative on learning disabilities and mental health stigmas.

This student led, peer-to-peer film series will include a community wide “roadshow” to get teens talking to teens about the issues that affect them most.

The film series will cover;

  • Dyslexia
  • ADHD
  • Substance Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide

For more on the project, click here.

Just the production of one short film, from end to end, introduces the student to a dozen different creative career possibilities. But the production process the student goes through in making that film is unmatched in empowering that same student to develop collaborative, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication skills...21st century skills...that every employer requires but students do not yet possess.

Frank O'FarrellDirector, Fourthwall Youth Studios

Now Showing

A selection of films we think you might like

Aiken ESL 8:30

Produced during the 2022 spring semester, this collaboration with Film and Media Studies students at the University of Cincinnati, illustrates some of the extraordinary resources available to ESL and refugee students at Aiken. The program is run by Aaron Parker and is a hidden gem at Cincinnati Public Schools.

Democracy & Me 3:30

Democracy & Me is a podcast offered by Cincinnati Public Radio to area youth. Students learn about the importance of civics, voting and other social issues. In this video they visit the radio station on their first day of their internship.

When The Smoke Clears 5:30

Commissioned by St. Elizabeth Medical Center and administered by Artswave, Fourthwall was asked to facilitate the production of an anti vaping PSA, to be written and produced by high schoolers and targeted to middle schools. The final film is a 3-part vignette style, illustrating the damage this risky habit can cause.