Senior & Junior Teaching Artists (TA)  | Spring & Summer 2023

Our young apprentice dreamers and storytellers need a “been there, done that” fearless leader. If you are experienced in writing, production planning, shooting and editing and have Intergalactic campfire stories of your own to tell then maybe this is for you. A Teaching Artist's (TA) mission will be to mentor students through the filmmaking process and show them the way to the great beyond. Have questions? Send an email to


  • Experience in end-to-end filmmaking
  • Mentorship skills/potential
  • Open to pros, recent grads and advanced college students

Spring/Summer Dates

  • TA | Summer Camp | July 24th – August 4th | 9 am – 3 pm
  • TA | Film Project | June, July, August, 9 am – 2 pm M-F (through Aug 7th. Off week of July 3-July 7)
  • Senior TA | Film Project | May, June, July, August

Paid High School Apprentices | Spring & Summer 2023

Have you been itching for a way to show your creative chops but don’t know which path to take? Fourthwall can help you break through the imaginary boundary of self doubt to the infinite possibilities on the other side. We have several opportunities this Spring and Summer for students in grades 7-12...or thereabouts...who are interested in being the crew for a film series on learning disabilities and mental health. The project working title is "Shut Down The Stigma. Turn Up The Talk" followed by a community roadshow. Apply below stating your preference and skillset. Have questions? Send email to


  • Research, Write, Shoot and/or Edit
  • Learn a little bit about the business
  • Training provided. No slackers
  • $12/hr

Times & Dates

  • Summer: June 5th-August 4th
  • M-F, 9 am – 2 pm
  • Studio + On Location (local)
  • No work July 3 -7