Fourthwall Youth Studios

Empowering diverse youth to find their voice and express their individuality through digital and performance arts, to change the trajectory of their own lives, those around them, and their community.


At Fourthwall we are a cast of creative artists, expert dreamers, legendary storytellers and tech wizards who ensure you keep making it, until you make it.

Whether you come to ignite your creative genius to meet a few new friends, we will have an excellent journey together. Before you know it, you will be on our way to realizing a dream and developing the skills necessary to achieve it.

Here's some of what we offer

After-School Programs

On site with our mobile production studio

Summer Camps

For some, this is where it all gets started

Jobs in Creative Practice

After school and summer work. Real jobs for real clients.


Tp prepare you for a career and for life.

Bad news! 80% of employers consider competence in 21st century skills critical to students' success but are in agreement that the majority of students do not possess these skills upon graduation.

Association of American Colleges & Universities


63% of graduating students do not have nor have been trained in the collaborative skills necessary for success in the workplace.

Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is an essential skill in the workplace yet 76% of graduating students do not meet minimum employer requirements.


Written and oral communication are considered essential skills by the majority of employers. Students are falling short with only 73% of students graduating with competence in these 21st century skills.

Good News! Not only does the production of just one short film, from end to end, introduce the student to a dozen different creative career possibilities, the production process is unmatched in empowering that same student to develop collaborative, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication skills...21st century skills...that every employer requires but students do not yet possess.

Frank O'FarrellDirector, Fourthwall Youth Studios
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What They’re Saying About Us

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(UC, XU, SCAD, Chapman, Oberlein, NYU, DePaul, Morgan State, Arizona State and so on 😉

“Fourthwall showed me that my dreams were achievable.”


“This experience has inspired me to go to school for film and audio production”


“I have a confidence in my ability to actually succeed at something and school this fall was much better because of it. I am now looking at colleges with film majors.”


“I love the the idea of furthering their writing skills, collaboration skills, interpersonal skills, at the same time they have fun making a movie. This program builds creativity and innovation.”